The Law of Ukraine

On Political Parties in Ukraine

Date of Entry into Force:
April 28, 2001

Political party shall be a registered according to the law voluntary association of citizens – supporters of some state program of public development – that aims at promotion of formation and expression of political will of citizens and participates in elections and other political measures.

Only political parties that have all-Ukrainian status shall be established and operate in Ukraine. Political parties are equal before law.

Interference of bodies of state power and bodies of local self-government or their officials in establishment and internal activity of political parties and their local branches shall be prohibited, except for cases envisaged by this Law.

Nobody shall be forced to enter a political party or be limited in the right to withdraw from it. Affiliation or non-affiliation shall not be the reason for limitation of rights and freedoms or for granting any preferences and privileges. Limitations of membership in political parties shall be set exclusively by the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine.

Political parties shall not have military formations. Activity of political party may be prohibited only by the decision of court. In the first instance the case on prohibition of political party shall be considered by the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

A citizen of Ukraine may be a member of only one political party. A member of political party may be only the citizen of Ukraine who according to the Constitution of Ukraine has the right to vote at elections.

Members of political parties shall not be:
1) judges;
2) personnel of prosecutor’s office;
3) personnel of bodies of internal affairs;
4) personnel of the Security Service of Ukraine;
5) military men:
6) officials of the state tax service.

While holding the above posts or doing service members of political party shall stop their membership in it.

The form of political party membership fixing shall be defined by the statute of political party. Political parties shall have the program. The program of political party shall state its goals and tasks, as well as ways of their achievement.

The name of political party, its symbols shall not coincide with the name or symbols of other (registered) political party. Political party shall not literally reproduce state symbols of Ukraine, or use symbols of foreign states in its own symbols.

Decision about establishment of a political party shall be adopted at its constituent congress (conference, meeting). This decision shall be supported by the signatures of not less than ten thousand of the Ukrainian citizens collected in not less than two thirds of districts of not less than two thirds of oblasts of Ukraine, cities Kyiv and Sevastopol and in not less than two thirds of districts of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Political party shall carry out it activity only after its registration. Activity of non-registered political parties shall not be permitted. Political parties shall be registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Political parties shall be entitled to:
1) freely carry out their activity within the limits envisaged by the Constitution of Ukraine, this Law and other laws of Ukraine;
2) participate in elections of the President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, other bodies of state power, bodies of local self-government and their officials according to the procedure set by the respective laws of Ukraine;
3) use state mass media, as well as establish own mass media as envisaged by the respective laws of Ukraine;
4) maintain international relations with political parties, public organizations of other states, international and interstate organizations, establish (enter) international unions adhering to requirements of this Law;
5) ideologically, organizationally and materially support youth, women and other civic associations, assist to their establishment.

Political parties shall be non-profit organizations. In order to perform their statutory tasks political parties shall be entitled to have their own real estate and movable property, money, equipment, transport, other devices which are not prohibited by the laws of Ukraine. Political parties may rent necessary movable property and real estate.

Political parties shall not be financed by:
1) bodies of state power and bodies of local self-government, except for the cases stipulated by law;
2) state and communal enterprises, institutions and organizations, as well as enterprises, institutions and organizations which have state, communal, or non-resident-owned shares (pais) in their property;
3) foreign states and their citizens, enterprises, institutions and organizations;
4) charity and religious associations and organizations;
5) anonymous entities or under the pseudonym;
6) political parties which do not compose election bloc of political parties.
The bank establishment shall inform the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine about receipt to the account of a political party of money prohibited by the present Law.

The state control over activity of political parties shall be performed by:
1) the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine – over adherence by apolitical party to the requirements of the Constitution and the Laws of Ukraine, as well as to its statute;
2) the Central Election Commission and district election commissions – over observation by a political party of the procedure for participation in the election process.
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