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December 22, 2010 Adoption
ДПС України; Order № 979
first version, 247 kb is opened now
December 30, 2010 State registration
Registered: Мін'юст України № 1439/18734
January 14, 2011 Official publication
Published: Офіційний вісник України — 2011 р., № 1, стор. 295, стаття 56, код акта 54383/2011
Entry into force
State: Valid
Recognizes out of force — z0023-00, z0024-00, z0067-05, z0172-98, z0209-10, z0330-05, z0397-02, z0448-00, z0486-01, z0487-01, z0540-98, z0564-06, z0791-98, z0874-01, z0912-05, z0996-06, z0998-06, z1046-07
Changes — z0256-00, z0563-06, z0994-06
April 1, 2011 Recognizes out of force — z0063-98, z0331-97, z0563-06, z0566-06, z0994-06, z0997-06
January 6, 2012 Loss of force, on the basis - z1562-11
State: Invalid
current version, 247 kb

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