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July 5, 2012 Adoption
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine; Law № 5083-VI
first version, 130 kb
August 11, 2012 Official publication
Published: Голос України — № 147
August 12, 2012 Entry into force
State: Valid
Recognizes out of force — 203/96-ВР, 2555-XII, 3813-XII, 510-XII, 83/98-ВР
Changes — 1014-V, 1249-VI, 1334-VI, 1685-III, 1987-III, 2154-VI, 2163-XII, 2275-VI, 2322-IV, 2343-XII, 2388-VI, 2457-VI, 249-IV, 2505-IV, 2592-VI, 265/95-ВР, 2755-VI, 2756-VI, 287/94-ВР, 2921-III, 2922-III, 297/95-ВР, 3205-VI, 3206-VI, 3609-VI, 4652-VI, 4711-VI, 4834-VI, 509-XII, 551-IV, 725/97-ВР, 762-IV, 783-XIV, 799-VI, 849-IV, 906-IV
November 19, 2012 Recognizes out of force — 509-XII
Changes — 2755-VI
January 1, 2013 Changes — 2456-VI, 2755-VI
April 26, 2015 Revision, on the basis - 1700-VII previous version, 130 kb
March 7, 2018 Revision, on the basis - 2269-VIII current version, 129 kb is opened now

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