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September 5, 2017 Adoption
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine; Law 2145-VIII
first version, 406 kb
September 27, 2017 Official publication
Published: — / 178-179 /
September 28, 2017 Entry into force
State: Valid
Recognizes out of force — 100/96-, 1060-XII, 1144-XII, 178-XIV, 1992-XII, 2053-VIII, 2887-III, 3461-IV, 69/94-
Changes — 1158-IV, 1166-VII, 1377-IV, 1556-VII, 1575-VII, 1694-IV, 1841-III, 200/94-, 222-VIII, 2232-XII, 2555-VI, 2628-III, 2768-III, 2778-VI, 2856-VI, 290-VI, 3167-IV, 3180-XII, 424-V, 498-VIII, 498/95-, 5029-VI, 5290-VI, 5460-VI, 5499-VI, 608/96-, 651-XIV, 76-VIII, 848-VIII, 940-VIII
January 19, 2019 Revision, on the basis - 2657-VIII, 2661-VIII current version, 422 kb is opened now
January 1, 2030 Changes — 2232-XII

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