How to use the search engine

To find documents by words you need to insert one or several words in the field to the right from "Words". The "word" in this instruction should be understood as a word or its initial part. You can search "in the title" of a document, "in the text" or both in the title and in the text ("everywhere"). If you are searching for several words, they should be connected with one of the following conjunctions: "and", "or", "not".

Requirements to a search inquiry:

  • you should insert at least a minimum of three digits;
  • words are separated with gaps (key button "Space");
  • it's possible to insert the beginning of a word (for example: bank*) or the exact word (bank! banking!);
  • by default the words in search are logically connected through conjunctions "and", however the following conjunctions may also be used:
    • "and" - all inserted words should be found in the text (for example: +banking! +activity!);
    • "or" - any of the inserted words may be found in the text (for example: ~child* ~juvenile*);
    • "not" - none of the inserted words should be found in the text (for example: -introduction* amendments!).

For specifying your search inquiry you may include additional information, such as:

Information in the field "issuer" and "type of the document" are selected from the list to the right. By default your search will include all types of documents and all issuers.

If you know the date, when the document was approved, or you need to find a document within a certain time period, insert respective data into the field "date of approval". The data may be inserted with the help of lists of years, months and days or with the help of a calendar, which appears upon clicking on the white panel to the right.

If the date is not inserted in full (for example: you inserted only the year, while there is no month or day), the search will naturally include the present part of the date (for example: over the indicated year). By default, parts of the date, that have not been specified, are indicated as of the current date in reverse order starting from the year. Due to the formed index based on the date of documents, search through the whole database is almost immediate!

If the field close to the date indicates "total", the search engine will look for documents approved within one year, month or a certain day. Apart from that, you can search for documents, which were approved before the indicated date inclusive ("not later than") or find documents, which were approved after the indicated date inclusive ("not earlier than").

Search by number of the document or its registration number with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine is the fastest and the most precise. This inquiry does not require the number in full - a fragment will suffice. With the help of a special list to the left you may select one of the search modes: "including", "starting from", "equals". By default the search engine will reveal results including the number fragment. Respectively, in case you know only the beginning of the number, you need to indicate "starting from". If you know the exact number - indicate "equals".

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