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  • July 8, 1999
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Проект Закону про символіку Червоного Хреста і Червоного півмісяця в Україні
Draft on 24.03.19993152
Information from "Zakonoproject" system: Enacted - 3 session, III convocation
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On the Symbols of the Red Cross, the Red Crescent and the Red Crystal in Ukraine
Abstract text on July 8, 1999

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July 8, 1999 Adoption
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine; Law № 862-XIV
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August 26, 1999 Entry into force
State: Valid
July 19, 2010 Revision, on the basis - 1675-VI current version, 39 kb is opened now

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Голос України official publication
  • on August 26, 1999
Офіційний вісник України official publication
  • on August 27, 1999
  • 1999, № 32, page 36, article 1655, код акта 9747/1999
Відомості Верховної Ради України official publication
  • on September 10, 1999
  • 1999, № 36, article 316

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Information from the Chief Organizational Department (about the distribution of the primary acts of reference of the committees): at the time of termination of authority of the Verkhovna Rada V convocation

  • Committee on Public Health

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