Law of Ukraine

“On Adopting the National Targeted Social Program for Combating Tuberculosis in 2012 – 2016”

Date of entry into force:
November 11, 2012

The Law adopts the National Targeted Social Program for Combating Tuberculosis in 2012-2016 (hereinafter referred to as “Program”).

The objective of the Program is improving the epidemic situation, specifically, decreasing the number of people with tuberculosis, lowering the rates of tuberculosis incidence and mortality, the degree of co-infection (tuberculosis/HIV infection), and the spreading rate of multi-resistant tuberculosis, by implementing a state policy based on the principles of ensuring complete and equal public access to high-quality services for prevention, diagnostics and treatment of tuberculosis.

The Program provides for ways of solving the problem of tuberculosis spreading.

Implementing the Program will allow:
  • limiting the spread of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis and lower the rates of tuberculosis incidence and mortality to 64 and 14 cases per 100 thousand people, respectively;
  • decreasing the rate of tuberculosis incidence and mortality at least by 1% annually;
  • preventing the spread of multi-resistant tuberculosis;
  • bringing the treatment interruption rate down to 10%; bringing the rate of first tuberculosis diagnosis with the smear microscopy method to 50%;
  • improving the system for providing anti-tuberculosis aid to the population, and for training and retraining medical staff in the issues of tuberculosis prevention, diagnostics and treatment;
  • ensuring involvement of at least 80% of medical staff in educational programs that conform to international standards;
  • ensuring timely diagnosis of people with tuberculosis;
  • creating a system for laboratory quality control of anti-tuberculosis drugs;
  • ensuring complete recovery of 70% patients first diagnosed with tuberculosis;
  • decreasing the number of patients in repeat treatment or after treatment interruption;
  • decreasing the co-infection (tuberculosis/HIV) mortality rate by 10%, through the multidisciplinary approach to medical aid for such patients.

It is planned to finance the Program using the funds allocated in the state budget, the grant of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and other sources. The amount of financing allocated for the Program in the state budget is determined every year, based on the specific tasks and available resources.

Annexes to the Program provide for:
  • Program summary;
  • Program tasks and events;
  • expected results of the Program implementation.
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