Law of Ukraine

"On Amendments to Article 17 of the Law of Ukraine "On Militia" Regarding Requirements to Persons Hired to Militia Service"

Date of entry into force:
November 26, 2011

The Law presents the new version of Article 17 of the Law of Ukraine "On Militia".

According to the Law, persons hired to militia service on contract shall be citizens of Ukraine that are aged 18 or over (except for cases provided for by the legislation), have completed full general secondary education, speak the official language, and are capable to carry out the tasks delegated to the militia based on their personal, working and moral qualities, physical form and state of health. A probationary period of up to one year can be set when a person is hired to militia service.

Conscripts are not hired to militia service, except for persons enrolling in the higher educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Militia workers take an oath, the text of which is adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The Law envisages that the following persons cannot be hired to militia service:
  • persons convicted for a crime by a court verdict that has become final;
  • persons in respect of which criminal proceedings were stopped based on non-exonerating grounds.
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