Law of Ukraine

"On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On the National Program "Drinking Water of Ukraine" for 2006 - 2020"

Date of entry into force:
November 13, 2011

The Law envisages amending the Law of Ukraine "On the National Program "Drinking Water of Ukraine" for 2006 – 2020" and presenting it in a new version.

The Law adopts the National Target Program "Drinking Water of Ukraine" for the years 2011 – 2020 (hereinafter referred to as "Program").

The purpose of the Program is ensuring the rights of the citizens, as guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine, to a sufficient standard of living and environmental safety, through providing drinking water in sufficient amounts and according to the established norms.

It envisages that problems in the sphere of drinking water supply and water disposal shall be resolved through:
  • bringing sanitary protection zones and water conservation zones of drinking water sources into conformance with the normative requirements, evaluating environmental and hygienic conditions of drinking water sources for conformance to the established requirements;
  • inventory of sewage treatment facilities;
  • constructing and reconstructing water-retaining and sewage treatment facilities in order to decrease the amount of untreated sewage dumped into water bodies, and to utilize the sediments;
  • constructing and implementing drinking water additional purification stations (facilities) and drinking water dispensing points, with the use of innovative materials, technologies, equipment, instruments, and research and engineering developments;
  • developing schemes to optimize the work of centralized water supply systems;
  • equipping water and sewage quality control laboratories with modern control and analysis equipment;
  • harmonizing the normative and legal base in the sphere of drinking water supply and water disposal with the European Union standards, with consideration to the national specifics, including in respect of increasing the liability for violating environmental pollution norms, primarily regarding dumping industrial waste into water bodies;
  • carry out comprehensive research and engineering development, with the use of innovative technologies, equipment, materials and instruments, aimed at energy and resource conservation, increased drinking water quality, and improved sewage treatment, as well as implementing these developments.

Implementing the Program will allow:
  • ensuring the implementation of the state policy in the sphere of drinking water and drinking water supply;
  • increasing the quality of drinking water and sewage treatment;
  • ensuring utilization of sediments created during sewage and drinking water treatment;
  • improving the sanitary, epidemiological and environmental situation of Ukraine;
  • ensuring protection of drinking water sources;
  • implementing innovative technologies with the use of modern equipment, instruments and materials, at drinking water supply and water disposal enterprises;
  • decreasing losses of drinking water;
  • ensuring uninterrupted drinking water supply to the population with access to centralized water supply networks.

The tentative financing amount of the Program is UAH 9,771.7 million, of which UAH 3,004.3 million would be provided from the state budget, and UAH 6,467.4 million from other sources.

Annexes to the Program envision:
  • tasks and measures to implement the Program;
  • expected results of the Program implementation;
  • Program passport.
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