The Law of Ukraine

On Privatization of State Housing Fund

Date of Entry into Force:
July 22, 1992

The Law of Ukraine “On Privatization of State Housing Fund” defines legal grounds for privatization of state-owned accommodation, its subsequent use and maintenance. It is declared that the purpose of state housing fund privatization is creation of conditions for exercise of citizens' right to free choice of means for satisfaction of housing needs and attraction of citizens to participation in maintenance and preservation of the existing accommodation and formation of market relations.

The Law sets that the objects of privatization are apartments of apartment houses, one-flat houses, rooms in apartments and one-flat houses where two and more tenants live and which are used by citizens on conditions of rent.

Apartments-museums, apartments located on the territories of closed military settlements, natural and biosphere reserves, national parks, botanical gardens, regional landscape parks, parks-monuments of landscape art, historical cultural reserves, museums reserves; rooms in hostels; apartments which are in breakdown condition; apartments referred in set procedure to official accommodation and apartments located in the unconditional resettlement zone contaminated as a result of explosion on Chornobyl NPS and other objects shall not be subject to privatization.

According to the Law, housing fund shall be privatized in the form of free transfer to citizens of rent living space according to the norms determined by Law and also by sale of surplus of such living space. The Law determines categories of living quarters which are subject to free transfer to citizens' ownership regardless of their living space. In particular, to such categories refer one-room apartments, apartments occupied by families of people killed while doing their state and public duties and other types of apartments.  

The Law states that the occupied apartments shall be transferred in common joint or partial ownership with written consent of all adult members of family who permanently live in this apartment with obligatory determination of the authorized owner of the apartment.

Pursuant to the Law, the State Housing Fund which is fully run or managed by the state enterprises on their wish may be transferred to communal ownership at the place of location of buildings. These buildings may be further privatized by bodies of local state administration and local self-government according to the set requirements.

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