Law of Ukraine
“On Amendment of Some Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Increasing Liability for Violations of Rights to Objects of Intellectual Property Rights”
Date of Entry into Force:
May 4, 2001
The Law establishes administrative liability for illegal use of objects of the right of intellectual property.
According to the Law such objects are as follows:
  • literary works or works of art, performance thereof;
  • phonograms;
  • programs of broadcasting organizations;
  • computer software;
  • databases;
  • scientific discoveries, inventions, innovations;
  • utility models, production units;
  • brand names for goods and services;
  • topographies of integrated circuits;
  • varieties of plants.
This Law establishes administrative liability for misappropriating authorship for such object or other intentional violation of intellectual property rights.
The guilty persons shall be charged an administrative fine; illegally manufactured products, as well as equipment and materials designed for their manufacturing shall be confiscated..
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