The Law of Ukraine

On Status of Veterans of Military Service, Veterans of Bodies of Internal Affairs and Some other Persons and Their Social Security

Date of Entry into Force:
January 1, 1999

The present Law sets legal status of the following categories of citizens:
  • veterans of military service;
  • veterans of bodies of internal affairs;
  • veterans of state fire service.

This Law also defines basic principles of state policy as regards to social security of the citizens discharged from military service, service in bodies of internal affairs and state fire service, as well as of members of their families.

The state guarantees to every veteran of military service, veteran of bodies of internal affairs and veteran of state fire service equal with other citizens possibilities in economic, social, political fields as regards to satisfaction of various life needs and grants different types of assistance by means of:

  • exercise of the right to labor according to the level of professional training and special programs of social adaptation;
  • creation of conditions for support and improvement of health with the purpose of ensuring active long life;
  • granting privileges, preferences and social guarantees in the process of labor activity and deserved rest;
  • implementation of special programs for improvement of housing;
  • organization of social and everyday service;
  • pension provision according to the legislation.

The veterans of military service, veterans of bodies of internal affairs and veterans of state fire service, as well as members of their families may exercise all social economic rights and freedoms stated in the Constitution of Ukraine, laws and other normative legal acts of Ukraine equally with other citizens.

The veterans of military service, veterans of bodies of internal affairs and veterans of state fire service are also recognized as veterans of war and veterans of labor on the basis of the reasons defined by the legislation of Ukraine.

The Law defines criteria according to which the person may be referred to one of the categories of citizens to whom this Law applies. The Law also contains the list of privileges which are granted to the persons indicated in the Law. In particular, such persons are entitled to:
  • top-priority free of charge acquisition of medicines by the doctors’ prescriptions;
  • top-priority free of charge tooth prosthesis, free of charge provision with dentures and prosthetic orthopedic means;
  • priority right to provision with sanatorium resort treatment in sanatoriums;
  • 50 per cent discount of payment for use of accommodation (flat rent) and payment for communal services (water supply, gas, electric energy and heating, other services);
  • the right to free of charge receipt in ownership of accommodation occupied by them and members of their families, regardless of its total square, in the houses of state housing fund;
  • free of charge passage by all types of city passenger transport, motor vehicle transport of general use in the countryside, as well as railway and water suburban transport and suburban buses within Ukraine.

Expenses connected with the implementation of this Law shall be financed from the State Budget of Ukraine and local budgets.
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