The Law of Ukraine

On Social and Legal Protection of Military Men and Members of Their Families

Date of Entry into Force:
January 10, 1992

The Law of Ukraine “On Social and Legal Protection of Military personnel and Members of Their Families” sets legal and social guarantees of protection of persons who according to the legislation refer to the military men as well as members of their families.

Pursuant to the Law, the military personnel shall enjoy some basic constitutional rights and freedoms. In particular, they have the right to elect and to be elected to representative bodies of power, the right to freedom of consciousness i.e. to practice some religion or not to practice any, freedom to unite freely in public organizations for joint satisfaction and protection of their common interests, freedom of scientific, technical and creative activity and the right to appeal in court illegal actions of officials of military administration.

According to the Law a military man shall be guaranteed personal immunity and the right not to do work which is not connected with military service. He shall not be arrested in other way than on the basis of judicial decision, sanction of public prosecutor or order of commanding officer carried out according to the Disciplinary Statute of Military Forces of Ukraine.

The Law states that the military personnel, except those who do service for a fixed period, shall not be discharged from military service until retirement on long service, unless the cases when their service is stopped on personal wish, due to health condition, end of term or failure to meet terms of contract, systematical non-fulfillment of requirements of military statutes, reduction of the military personnel and in case of deprivation of liberty according to sentence of court. 

Pursuant to the Law, the state guarantees the military personnel endowment and other provision in amounts that stimulate interest of Ukrainian citizens in military service. The military men shall get at the expense of state monetary provision, property and food rations or by wish of the military men monetary compensation instead of them.

The Law sets 41-hour working week for the military men. Duration and distribution of working and rest time of the military men shall be determined according to military statutes and regulations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Law envisages ensuring of free passage of the military men to holiday, and also free passage and transportation of luggage by railway, air, water and motor vehicle transport while moving to a new place of service. Thereto monetary aid shall be paid.

A separate chapter of the Law is devoted to pension provision of the military personnel and also their state obligatory personal insurance. It is established that in case of discharge of a military man he shall be paid monetary aid except dismissal due to professional impropriety.
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