The Law of Ukraine

On Alternative (Non-Military) Service

Date of Entry into Force:
January 1, 1992

The Law of Ukraine “On Alternative (Non-Military) Service” determines organizational legal grounds of alternative (non-military) service which may substitute military service, if the latter contradicts religious beliefs of a citizen.

Alternative service shall be done by the citizens who are subject to draft to military service for a fixed period. The citizens of Ukraine have the right to alternative service, if doing military service contradicts their religious beliefs and these citizens belong to operating in compliance with the legislation of Ukraine religious organizations which dogmas do not permit using weapon.

Citizens shall do alternative service on the enterprises which are in state or communal ownership or dominant part in statute fund of which is in state or communal ownership. Activity of such enterprises shall be related to social protection of population, health protection, environmental protection, building, housing and communal services, and agriculture. Besides, alternative service may be conducted in medical attendance service in Red Cross organizations of Ukraine. Labor relations between the citizen who does military service and enterprise shall be maintained on the basis of written fixed-date labor agreement.

Term of alternative service shall be half as much as the respective term of military service set for soldiers and sergeants as well as for the persons who have higher education with specialist or master's degree.

The citizen who by religious beliefs cannot do military service for a fixed period shall submit to the specially authorized commission a motivated written application not later than two months prior the day of draft. The commission shall take application on assignment to alternative service and consider it during calendar month. The citizens do alternative service mainly in settlement of residence. Exact place of alternative service shall be determined by the commission.

In the Law there is a list of cases when alternative service is stopped before the appointed time. To such cases refer:
  • draft of the citizen to military service for a fixed time by his wish;
  • acknowledgement of the citizen not fit by health condition to further doing military service on the basis of conclusion (resolution) of military medical commission;
  • sentence of citizen to imprisonment.

Specially authorized body of executive power on state supervision over adherence to labor legislation shall control observance of labor legislation by owners of enterprises during the period when the citizens carry out military service on their enterprises.
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