The Law of Ukraine

On Ukraine's Defense

Date of Entry into Force:
December 25, 1991

The Law of Ukraine “On Ukraine's Defense” was stated in a new wording by the Law of Ukraine N 2020-III of October 5, 2000.

The Law of Ukraine “On Ukraine's Defense”, hereinafter the Law, establishes grounds of Ukraine's defense as well as authorities of bodies of state power, bodies of local self-government, duties of enterprises, institutions, organizations, rights and duties of Ukrainian citizens in the sphere of defense.

Ukraine's defense is based on readiness and ability of bodies of state power, local self-government and national economy to transfer from peaceful to war state and repulse to armed aggression, liquidate armed conflict as well as readiness to defense of population and state territory.

In case of armed aggression against Ukraine or threat of its attack, the President of Ukraine shall be entitled to make decision about general or partial mobilization, introduction of martial law in Ukraine or its separate parts, use of Ukrainian Armed Forces, other military formations. The President shall submit to approval of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine petition on announcement of martial law. War time starts from the moment of martial law announcement or actual beginning of military operations and ends on the day of martial law stop.

The President of Ukraine as the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Ukrainian Armed Forces shall issue decrees, orders, directives and commands and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine shall legally regulate the questions in the sphere of state defense.

The Law enlists bodies of state power and local self-government, inscribes their main functions directed at increase of state defensive ability. To this list refer:
- Council of Ukrainian National Security and Defense - coordinates and controls bodies of executive power in the sphere of defense;
- Headquarters of Supreme Commander-in-Chief (the highest joint body of state defense military government) ensures strategic governing of         Ukrainian Armed Forces, other military formations and law-enforcement bodies in special period;
- the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine - ensures state's foreign and domestic policy, fulfillment of Ukrainian Constitution and laws, decrees of the President of Ukraine in the sphere of state defense, organizes elaboration and implementation of state programs of Ukrainian Armed Forces, other military formations, arming and military equipment, other programs (plans) on the questions of defense development;
- Ukrainian ministries and departments as well as local bodies of self-government ensure implementation of state policy in the sphere of defense within the frameworks of put on them functions and tasks.

The citizens of Ukraine do military service and military duty in reserve according to the legislation requirements. Male citizens fit for military service by health condition and age and female citizens fit thereof also by the respective professional training shall do military duty pursuant to the legislation.
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