The Law of Ukraine

On Sources of Road Industry Financing in Ukraine

Date of Entry into Force:
October 4, 1991

This Law defines legal principles which ensure financing of expenses related to construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of automobile roads of common use and rural roads in Ukraine.

The Law inscribes that automobile roads of State significance shall be the property of Ukraine. Expenses connected with their construction and maintenance shall be covered from the State and local budgets, as well as from the other specially attracted sources.

It is provided for that funds intended for construction of new and reconstruction of existing automobile roads shall be accumulated on separate accounts of the State Road Fund of Ukraine, which is established within the State Budget of Ukraine.

The Law establishes that excise and import duty on oil products, excise and import duty on imported into the customs territory of Ukraine transport vehicles and tires to them shall be charged to fund incomes.

Tax from owners of transport vehicles and other self-propelled machines and mechanisms, payment for acquisition of trade patents by the centers selling oil products shall be charged to incomes of territorial road funds which are established within the budgets of oblasts, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, cities Kyiv and Sevastopol according to the Law.

The Law indicates that funds of the State Road Fund of Ukraine shall be used for financing of construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of automobile roads of State significance and buildings on them, as well as at project developing, scientific and research works and other purposes. Money of territorial road funds shall be used to finance maintenance of roads which do not have national status and are built on the territory of the respective administrative territorial units, as well as for purposes determined correspondingly by the Supreme Council of Autonomous Republic of Crimea, oblast councils and city councils of cities Kyiv and Sevastopol.

Payments for concession or lease of roads, payment for passage of transport vehicles by automobile roads shall be directed to inscribed by this Law road funds. The above allocations shall be made under the procedure and tariffs set by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Road funds may be also formed from voluntary contributions of legal entities and natural persons, including foreign, associations of citizens, international organizations etc.
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