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The Law of Ukraine

“On Amendments to Some Laws of Ukraine in Connection with the Adoption
of the Law of Ukraine ‘On the State System of Biosafety at the Time of Creating,
Testing, Transporting, and Using Genetically Modified Organisms’”

Date of entry into force:
April 9, 2009

The present Law shall supplement the Law of Ukraine No. 1264-ХІІ “On Environmental Protection” dated June 25, 1991, with a new provision. According to this new provision, the competence of the specially authorized central body of executive power in the area of ecology and natural resources and its local bodies shall also include carrying out the advanced informed agreement procedure according to the requirements of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety to the Convention on Biological Diversity regarding the possibility of intentional transboundary movement of genetically modified organisms designated for intentional introduction into the natural environment.

The present Law shall supplement the Law of Ukraine No. 45/95-VR “On Environmental Impact Assessment” dated February 9, 1995, with a new provision. This new provision shall establish that objects of environmental impact assessment shall also be drafts of legislative and other regulatory documents, preproject and project materials, documentation regarding the introduction of genetically modified organisms.

The present Law shall introduce amendments to the Law of Ukraine No. 1775-ІІІ “On Licensing Certain Types of Business Activity” dated June 1, 2000. These amendments shall establish that genetic engineering activities in a closed system shall be subject to licensing.