The Law of Ukraine

On Consumer Rights Protection

Date of Entry into Force:
October 1, 1991

The Law regulates relations between a consumer of goods (works, services) and their producers, sellers, performers of different ownership forms.

Pursuant to the Law a consumer shall be entitled to demand from a seller (producer, performer) that quality of acquired goods (done work, rendered service) shall meet requirements of normative legal acts, normative documents as well as information about the goods (work, service) provided for by a seller (producer, performer).

A producer shall ensure the possibility to use goods during their service term according to their purpose. The warranty term shall be determined in the passport of goods, on the label or in any other document on goods. It shall be prohibited to sell goods with overdue expiry date or without expiry date inscription.

If there are defects or falsification of goods during their warranty term, a consumer shall be entitled to demand form seller or producer on his choice:
  • free of charge removal of defects or compensation of costs for their removal by a consumer or a third person;
  • exchange for goods of similar trade mark (model, kind, modification) of proper quality;
  • respective decrease of their buying price;
  • exchange for goods of the same trade mark (model, kind, modification) with respective calculation of buying price;
  • breaking the contract and to compensation of caused losses.

According to the Law goods (works, services) which have obligatory safety requirements put on them by normative acts shall be subject to compulsory certification. Sale and use of such goods, doing works and rendering services without correspondence certificate shall be prohibited. The ground to permit importation of such goods on the territory of Ukraine shall be a correspondence certificate issued or acknowledged by the authorized body. A correspondence certificate shall be presented to customs bodies.

The Law sets property responsibility for harm caused by low-quality goods (works, services).

The Law determines requirements to information about goods (works, services) which shall be in accompanying documents, on the label, shall be marked or placed in other way (in available visual form) approved for certain goods (works, services).
In particular, information about goods (works, services) shall contain:
  • information about harmful for health substances and contra-indication to use;
  • mark about use of genetic engineering during goods manufacturing.

The rights to provide everyday and other kinds of service (doing works, rendering services) shall be approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Specially authorized central body on consumer rights protection, local state administrations, bodies of state sanitary epidemiological supervision of Ukraine, bodies of local self-government, courts shall perform state protection of rights of citizens as consumers.

The Law sets legal protection of officials of specially authorized central body on consumer rights protection and of its territorial bodies.

The Law determines responsibility for violation of legislation on consumer rights protection. In this case respective duty shall be imposed on subjects of economic activity. If this duty is not paid voluntarily, it shall be paid upon compulsion of state executive service.
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