Law of Ukraine

"On Rehabilitation of Persons to Execute the Decisions of the European Court of Human Rights"

Date of entry into force:
March 4, 2014

Article 1 of Law envisages that persons convicted by courts for crimes under Article 191 "Appropriation, embezzlement of property, or coming into possession of property through abuse of office", Article 364 "Abuse of power or office", Article 365 "Excess of power or abuse of office by member of law enforcement", and Article 367 "Criminal negligence" of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, are considered rehabilitated, on the terms determined by the Law.

The Law applies to persons convicted by courts between February 1, 2010 and March 1, 2014 (Article 2 of the Law).

According to Article 3 of the Law, persons to be rehabilitated are persons regarding whose complaints against Ukraine the European Court of Human Rights established a violation of Article 18 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

Article 4 of the Law envisages that persons to whom the Law applies are considered rehabilitated and automatically restored in all rights from the moment the Law takes effect.

According to Article 5 of the Law, verdicts made regarding such persons are withdrawn by the first instance court that reviewed the relevant case, within 10 days after the appropriate application by a person to whom the Law applies.
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