The Law of Ukraine

On Prices and Pricing

Date of Entry into Force:
January 1, 1991

This Law shall apply to all enterprises and organizations regardless of ownership form, subordination and methods of labor and production organization.

Bodies of state power and management of Ukraine shall implement measures as regards to support of living standard of population, primarily of low-paid and insufficiently provided citizens.

Free prices and tariffs, state-fixed and regulated prices and tariffs shall be used in economy. State regulation of prices and tariffs shall be conducted by establishment of state fixed prices (tariffs), limit levels of prices (tariffs) or limit deviation from the state fixed prices and tariffs.

State fixed and regulated prices and tariffs shall be set for:
- resources that have decisive influence on general level and dynamics of prices, on goods and services that have great social significance;
- products, goods and services which are mainly produced on enterprises having monopolistic (dominant) position at the market.

Contract (foreign trade) prices, which are formed in accordance with the prices and conditions of world market, shall be applied in settlements with foreign partners during export and import transactions directly or through the foreign trade mediator.

The Law envisages that in case of arising debt on payment of incomes to population until its settlement it shall be prohibited to increase prices and tariffs for housing communal services and public transport which are provided for the citizens of Ukraine.

Work as regards to regulation of prices and tariffs shall be coordinated by the respective state management bodies of Ukraine and their structural departments. Control over observance of state discipline of prices shall be conducted by the bodies on which execution of these functions is put by the Government of Ukraine. The above bodies shall carry out control in cooperation with trade unions, consumer unions and other public organizations.

Legal entities and natural persons have the right to appeal in court violation of prices by the state bodies, legal entities or natural persons and demand reimbursement of inflicted losses in case goods and services were sent to them with violation of the current legislation.
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