The Law of Ukraine

On Citizensí Appeals

Date of Entry into Force:
October 17, 1996

The Law of Ukraine ďOn Citizensí AppealsĒ regulates issues on practical exercise by the Ukrainian citizens of their constitutional right to submit to bodies of state power and civic associations, according to their statutes, suggestions regarding improvement of their activity, to reveal their performance drawbacks, to appeal actions of officials, state and civic bodies. This Law sets forth the mechanism for ensuring citizens participation in state administration, solution of issues related to interests of a particular individual or the community as a whole.

Ukrainian citizens shall have the right to apply to any bodies of state power, bodies of local self-government, as well as enterprises, institutions, organizations and their officials with appeals on the implementation of their social and economic, political and personal rights and legal interests and a complaint about violation thereof.

Depending on the context, appeals from the citizens are divided into the following categories: solicitations, complaints and proposals. Solicitation is an appeal from a citizen with a request to promote the implementation of his/her civic rights and interests enforced by the Constitution and the current legislation of Ukraine. According to the Law, complaint is an appeal from a citizen with a request to restore his/her rights and protects legal interests violated by actions or decisions of officials. Proposal should be understood as an appeal from a citizen, which provides advice or recommendations for activities of bodies of state power and bodies of local self-government, as well as opinion on regulating social relations and living standards of the citizens.

According to the Law, subject to appeal are decisions or actions of bodies of state power or bodies of local self-government, which results in:
  • violating rights and legal interests or freedoms of a citizen;
  • establishing barriers for a citizen in implementing their rights and legal interest or freedoms;
  • illegally imposing any obligations upon a citizen or illegally bringing them to account.

The Law establishes that citizens can apply both in Ukrainian and in any other language. The body that has been applied to shall reply in the same language.

Appeals appropriately compiled and submitted according to the established procedure are subject to mandatory acceptance and consideration. Written appeals, which do not indicate the place of residence or are not signed by the applicant, as well as those not indicating the authorship, shall be recognized anonymous and are not subject to consideration. 

Bodies of state power, bodies of local self-government, as well as institutions, enterprises and organizations shall consider appeals objectively and timely, verify the facts presented thereby, pass decisions according to the current legislation and ensure their fulfillment.

Appeals shall be considered and solved within the deadline that does not exceed one month from the date when they were submitted; appeals that do not require additional examination shall be considered immediately, but not later than fifteen days after the date when they were submitted.
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