The Law of Ukraine

On Physical Culture and Sport

Date of Entry into Force:
January 29, 1994

According to the Law, physical culture is a component part of general culture of society aimed at strengthening of health, development of man's physical, moral and will, as well as intellectual abilities with the purpose of harmonious forming of personality. Sport is an inseparable part of physical culture, a special sphere of reveal and unified comparison of people's achievements in some kinds of physical exercises, technical, intellectual and other training by means of competitive activity. The main tasks of physical culture and sport are constant improvement of health condition, physical and spiritual development of population, economic and cultural progress of society promotion, as well as affirmation of Ukraine's international authority in a world community.

Article 4 of the Law grants to the citizens the right to take up physical culture and sport regardless of their origin, social and property status, race and nationality, sex, education, religious beliefs, kind and character of activities, residence and other circumstances.

Physical culture shall be implemented in the following spheres:
  • production;
  • education;
  • social.

The main directions of physical culture implementation are:
  • physical culture and recreation activities;
  • physical education;
  • development of mass physical culture and sports activities.

According to Article 16 of the Law, sports competitions are the main form of sports functioning. Sports competitions are organized according to the respective rules with the purpose of reveal and unified comparison of people's achievements in different kinds of sports. The winners of sports competitions are determined officially.

The Law provides for the creation of conditions for training and exemption from work (studies) for the top sportsmen in the period of training and participation in competitions.

Article 21 of the Law determines the procedure of forming, training and competing of Ukrainian national teams.

The subjects of organization of professional sportsman activity in Ukraine are:
  • bodies of executive power on physical culture and sport;
  • sports clubs;
  • professional sports leagues, federations;
  • national sports federations.

The Ukrainian sportsman acquires the status of professional sportsman since the moment of official registration of the contract with the respective subject of this activity organization with the purpose of participation in the competitions of professional sportsmen.

Labor relations in professional sport are regulated by Article 233 of the Law.

The Law prohibits taking stimulators, dopes and other forbidden substances while going in for sports.

The state program of physical culture and sports development in Ukraine is elaborated by the central body of executive power on physical culture and sports and is approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. This program envisages requirements concerning organization of health keeping and strengthening of different categories of citizens, requirements to the educational programs on physical education, the system of program and evaluation norms and requirements concerning physical development and efficiency of different age groups of the population, the main directions of mass amateur and top sports development, as well as the main principles of organizational, material and technical, staff, informational, normative legal and other provision of physical culture.

The Law prohibits:
  • building of new and reconstruction of existing pre-school educational, secondary educational, vocational, higher educational establishments without the envisaged by norms physical culture and sports constructions and functioning buildings;
  • changing profile and liquidation of operating physical culture, recreation and sports construction without equal buildings creation.

The Olympic movement in Ukraine is coordinated by the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine. The National Olympic Committee of Ukraine is an independent, non-governmental, public organization.

Legal status of the National sports federation is determined by Chapter V-A of the Law.

The owners of physical education, recreation and sports constructions, special buildings for physical education and sports training, of physical education, recreation and sports equipment or the authorized by them bodies shall ensure their proper condition which is safe for people's life and health, property and environment.
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