Law of Ukraine

"On Copyright and Related Rights

Date of Entry into Force:
February 23, 1994

The Law On Copyright and Related Rights was approved in 1993. In 2001 the Law was stated in a new wording.

This Law shall protect:

  • rights of authors and their successors (copyright);
  • rights of performers, producers of phonograms, videograms and broadcasting organizations (related rights).

Copyright shall remain effective throughout the author's lifetime and for 70 years after his death.

The performers' proprietary rights shall be protected for 50 years after the date of the first recording of a performance. The phonogram and videogram producers shall be protected for 50 years after the first publication of a phonogram (videogram). Broadcasting organizations shall enjoy the rights granted under this Law for 50 years after the first public notification of the broadcast.

This Law provides for the list of pieces of science, literature and art under protection. Objects which are not protected are listed as well.

This Law stipulates the author's personal non-proprietary rights and the author's proprietary rights .

This law determines cases when free use of a work with indication of the author's name is permitted. Cases of free reproduction of copies of a work are stipulated as well.

The Law specifies that subjects of copyright and (or) related rights can manage their rights:

a) personally;
b) through an agent;
c) through a collective management organization.

Particular feature of the Law is that collective management organization shall not have the right to carry out commercial activity or to use in any manner the objects of copyright and (or) related rights entrusted to them for management.

The Law determines cases of infringement on copyright and (or) related rights that give grounds for legal proceedings. At the same time the Law provides for means of the civil law for protection of copyright and related rights.

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