The Law of Ukraine

On State Service

Date of Entry into Force:
January 4, 1994

The Law of Ukraine “On State Service” sets grounds for activities of public servants, determines the status of public servants who work in state bodies.

According to the Law state service in Ukraine is a professional activity of the persons who occupy posts in state bodies for practical implementation of tasks and functions of the state and get salary from state funds.

Thereto the Law does not determine legal status of:
the President of Ukraine;
the Head of the Verkhovna Rada and of his deputies;
the heads of permanent commissions of the Verkhovna Rada and of their deputies;
people's deputies of Ukraine;
the Prime Minister of Ukraine;
members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
the Head and members of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine;
the Head and judges of the Supreme Court of Ukraine;
the Head and judges of the highest specialized court of Ukraine;
the  Prosecutor General of Ukraine and his deputies.

The right to do state service shall have only the citizens of Ukraine. The deadline term for doing state service shall be 60 years old for men and 55 years old for women. The Ukrainian citizens who do state service for the first time shall swear the Oath of Public servant.

In the Law posts of public servants are classified by categories: the highest the first category, the lowest - the seventh category. Public servants are given ranks depending on the fact which category their post is referred to: the highest - the first rank, the lowest - the fifteenth rank. Public servant may be deprived of rank only by sentence of court.

The Law determines basic rights and duties of public servants, their material and social everyday provision. The following additional disciplinary penalties shall be set for public servants:
forewarning about incomplete official correspondence;
delay for up to one year in giving the next rank or in appointment for a higher post.

At the same time the Law determines grounds for stopping state service or for resignation of a public servant. Among such grounds are:
  • not giving or giving by a public servant of false information concerning his income;
  • reaching by the public servant of limit age of doing state service;
  • principal disagreement with decision of state body or official;
  • ethic obstacles for doing state service.

The Chief Administration of State Service at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is created with the purpose of conducting unified state policy and functional management of state service.

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