The Law of Ukraine

On the Protection of Animals from Brutal Treatment

Date of entry into force:
March 29, 2006

The present Law shall be aimed at protecting animals from sufferings and death as a result of brutal treatment, protecting natural laws and reinforcing morality and humanity of the society.

The present Law shall apply to relations arising as a result of legal entities and private individuals keeping and treating animals.

The present Law shall not apply to institutions of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine, the central body of executive power in the area of protecting the state border, and the central body of executive power in the area of customs affairs.

The present Law shall apply to the following types of activities:
- cattle-breeding, including pedigree cattle-breeding;
- treatment of animals on the territory of state natural reserves and on other specially protected natural territories;
- hunting, hunting reserves, fishing;
- keeping of domestic animals and pedigree breeding of them;
- using of animals in circuses, zoos, at the exhibitions, and other spectacular events;
- using of animals in sports, in the area of recreation and entertainment for people;
- other types.

It shall be prohibited to advocate and propagate brutal treatment of animals, to call for brutal treatment of animals, as well as to advocate and propagate hunting in the system of pre-school, secondary, professional and vocational, and higher education. It shall be prohibited to use materials demonstrating brutal treatment of animals for entertainment or commercial purposes.

The conditions for keeping animals shall meet their biological, species-related and individual requirements and satisfy their natural needs for food, water, sleep, movement, contacts with the like, for natural activity, and other needs.

Keeping of wild animals in captivity shall be allowed on the basis of a permit that shall be issued by the central body of executive power in the area of protecting the natural environment.

The rules for keeping domestic animals shall be established by bodies of local self-government. Individuals keeping domestic animals shall have the right to appear with them outside the place of their permanent maintenance (to accompany them). An individual who has reached the age of 14 shall be allowed to accompany a domestic animal. It shall not be allowed to leave domestic animals without supervision at the time when domestic animals are accompanied.

The rules for transporting animals shall be approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Animals shall be transported in public transport according to the rules for transporting animals in public transport.

According to the law, it shall be necessary to license the following types of business activity:
- breeding of domestic animals (dogs, cats, exotic, and decorative animals) in pedigree nurseries; 
- training of dogs;
- preparing and training of specialists in the above-mentioned areas.

Damages inflicted upon an individual or property of a private individual, as well as damages inflicted upon property of a legal entity by an animal shall be compensated in full by an individual who keeps this particular animal.

Asylums for animals (for keeping outcast animals) shall be established by bodies of executive power, bodies of local self-government, enterprises, institutions, and organizations regardless of their type of ownership, public and charity organizations, and private individuals. The regulations on asylum for animals shall be approved by the central body of executive power in the area of veterinary medicine.

The Law establishes the rules for treatment of:
- wild animals that are in their natural environment;
- hunting animals at the time of hunting them;
- animals used in agriculture, animal-breeding, fisheries, animals used to obtain animal products;
- domestic animals that exclude brutality;
- animals that are used in spectacular events, in sports and in the organization of entertainment;
- other.

The Law specifies the powers in the area of protecting animals from brutal treatment exercised by the central body of executive power in the area of:
- protecting the natural environment;
- agricultural policy and veterinary medicine;
- science and education.

In case of selling a wild animal from among the species that are included into the Red Book of Ukraine or that are subject to protection according to the effective international agreements of Ukraine, or other wild animals, the seller of such an animal shall also provide the buyer with a document confirming the legality of buying such an animal into ownership.

It shall be allowed to gift animals after a prior agreement with the future owner.

It shall be allowed to kill animals:
- to obtain useful commercial products;
- to terminate sufferings of animals if they cannot be stopped in any other manner;
- if it is necessary to kill newly-born litter of animals;
- to regulate the numbers of wild animals and animals that are not kept by humans, but live in conditions fully or partly created by human activities;
- in other instances.

Public oversight in the area of protecting animals from brutal treatment shall be carried out by public inspectors for protecting the natural environment who have the right to draw protocols upon the facts of brutal treatment of animals. These protocols shall be considered by the relevant bodies of executive power in the area of protecting the natural environment.
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