Law of Ukraine

On Plant Quarantine

Date of Entry into Force:
August 24, 1993

This Law determines the basis of plant quarantine and activities of the state bodies, enterprises, institutions, organizations, officials and citizens aimed at preventing the entry and spreading of dangerous pests, plant diseases and weeds which are not present in the territory of Ukraine.

According to this Law plant quarantine is such legal regime, which provides for the system of measures aimed at the protection of plants, products of their processing, raw materials, individual shipments, etc. from the quarantine objects.

In order to prevent spread of quarantine objects on the territory of Ukraine this Law envisages introduction of special quarantine regime within the territory where such objects are revealed. Measures to be implemented within the territory with special quarantine regime are specified in Article 9 of this Law.

Besides, this Law foresees compulsory phytosanitary control of quarantine materials and objects crossing the state border of Ukraine and territories with special quarantine regime (quarantine zones). Article 11 of the Law determines legal basis of phytosanitary control in Ukraine.

Chapter II of this Law establishes legal grounds for state regulation in the sphere of plant quarantine. This Law stipulates rights and obligations of the Chief State Inspector on plant quarantine of Ukraine, Republic of Crimea, oblast and City of Kyiv (Article 13); guarantees for activities of persons authorized to exercise state control over plant quarantine (Article 14) and obligations of enterprises, institutions, organizations and citizens on ensuring plant quarantine (Article 15).

Chapter III of the Law determines qualification requirements to specialists in the sphere of plant quarantine (Article 17), highlights the issue of scientific support to state service on plant quarantine (Article 18) and financing of quarantine measures (Article 20, 21).
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