The Law of Ukraine

On the Ukrainian Red Cross Society

Date of Entry into Force:
January 9, 2003

The Law regulates relations connected with activity of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society, defines its legal status and legal principles of activity.

The Ukrainian Red Cross Society is the all-Ukrainian voluntary public humanitarian organization. The Society assists the state in rendering of medical and humanitarian aid during armed conflicts and in peaceful time, participates in granting international aid in the event of catastrophes and emergencies, ensures medical social aid to the least protected layers of population.

The Ukrainian Red Cross Society - the National Red Cross Society is a component part of the international Red Cross movement and the all-Ukrainian voluntary public humanitarian organization.

The Ukrainian Red Cross Society is the only National Red Cross Society which operates on the whole territory of Ukraine, creates local organizations through which it conducts its activity according to the Statute of Society and this Law.

The Society may be liquidated in compliance with the legislation or the Statute of Society.

The Society performs its tasks following from the fundamental principles of the International Red Cross and the Red Crescent Movement, in particular, humanity, objectivity, neutrality, independence, voluntariness, unity and universality.

The highest management body of the Society is congress and of its organizations conferences and general meetings.

Congress of the Society approves the Statute of Society, introduces amendments and additions into it, elects the President of Society, its board members and revision commission, listens to reports of the President of Society and Board of Directors, exercises the ownership right to property and funds of Society and makes decisions regarding termination of its activity.

The Society uses Red Cross emblem according to the procedure defined by the Law of Ukraine On Symbols of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent in Ukraine.

From the moment of their registration the Society and its local organizations shall acquire status of legal entity in compliance with the legislation of Ukraine. The Society has separated property, independent balance, and accounts in bank establishments, seals with its name, symbols, stamps and forms.

Ukraine as a participant of Geneva Conferences of 1949 for the Protection of War Victims and Additional Protocols Thereto, 1977 supports humanitarian and virtuous activity of the Society and the International Red Cross Movement.

The fee for Society membership in the International Federation of Red Cross and the Red Crescent Societies shall be paid from the State Budget of Ukraine and is provided for annually in the Law on the State Budget of Ukraine.

The Society, its local organizations and created by them enterprises shall be exempted from taxes and other payments according to the legislation. Taxes, duties (obligatory payments) shall be paid in compliance with the legislation from the funds or value of property, which were transferred (given) voluntarily by legal entities and natural persons to the Society and its local organizations.

The Search service of the Society shall obtain services which are rendered by the enterprises of post, telegraph, telephone and other types of communication with subsequent reimbursement of expenses from the State Budget of Ukraine according to the procedure and within the limits set by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Employees, officials and citizens who violated rights and freedoms of the citizens - members of Society shall bear set by law administrative or criminal responsibility.

Legislation of Ukraine on labor, social provision and social insurance shall apply to all employees of the Society who work in it by labor agreement. The Society shall independently solve the issues related to conditions and remuneration of labor of Societys employees in its bodies and local organizations, who work by labor agreements, as well as to encouragement of volunteers in compliance with the legislation on remuneration of labor.

State control over activity of the Society, including the procedure for use of property and funds allocated from the State Budget, shall be conducted by bodies of executive power according to their competence.
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