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The Law of Ukraine

On Libraries and Librarianship

Date of Entry into Force:
March 2, 1995

The Law of Ukraine “On Libraries and Librarianship” was stated in a new wording by the Law of Ukraine N 1561-III of March 16, 2000. 

The Law of Ukraine “On Libraries and Librarianship”, hereinafter the Law, defines the status of libraries, legal and organizational grounds for activities of libraries and librarianship in Ukraine.

This Law shall apply to the libraries of all forms of ownership and subordination. On the territory of Ukraine libraries are created taking into consideration social economic, national, cultural educational and production needs of society. A library may not have the status of legal entity and may be a component part of enterprise, institution or organization. Libraries operate on the basis of Statute (provision) which is approved by their founder (founders). The Law covers the questions concerning the rights and obligations of libraries and of users of information which is kept in libraries.

According to this Law libraries are divided according to:
  • their significance (territorial belonging);
  • content (universal, branch, inter-branch);
  • specialization (public, special, specialized).

Provisions of the Law establish that a number of libraries (national and state libraries of Ukraine) shall have right to receive obligatory free of charge copy of universally accessible documents. Library fund of the national library of Ukraine is a national cultural achievement of Ukrainian nation, an inseparable component part of cultural heritage and is protected by the state.

The general methodical management of libraries and coordination of their work is performed by the specially authorized central body of executive power in the sphere of culture. Ministries and other central bodies of executive power shall manage the libraries which subordinate to them.

The main sources of state and communal libraries financing shall be funds of the respective state and local budgets. Libraries of other ownership forms shall be financed from the funds of their founders. The libraries which provide basic library services free of charge shall be exempt from taxation of incomes gained from rendering paid services.

The right to free of charge use of accommodation with heating and electricity within the limits of the set norms is granted to the staff of the libraries who work in villages and settlements and to the pensioners who earlier worked in libraries in these settlements and reside in them.