Law of Ukraine

On Publishing

Date of Entry into Force:
July 19, 1997

In accordance with Law , the publishing business includes:
  • publishing activities;
  • production of publishing products;
  • distribution of publishing products.

Subjects of publishing business are:
  • publishers;
  • producers;
  • distributors of publishing products.

These subjects may be:
  • citizens of Ukraine,
  • foreigners;
  • stateless persons, legally residing in Ukraine;
  • legal entities of Ukraine;
  • legal entities of other states.

To keep records of subjects of publishing, the State Registry of Ukraine of Publishers, Producers and Distributors of Published Products is maintained. A registry fee is charged for entering a record into this Registry.

The Law prohibits establishment and activity in Ukraine of publishing houses, whose authorized funds have more than 30% of foreign investments. It is also prohibited establishment and functioning of publishing organizations with over 30% of foreign investments in their authorized fund.

Each copy of the edition must contain basic information. Elements of basic information are specified by this Law.

In accordance with the Law, the Book Chamber of Ukraine is created. The latter is the state cultural and scientific institution in the area of publishing and informational activities. It is given the right to receive free and paid compulsory specimens of all editions, publishing of which is performed by subjects of publishing in Ukraine.
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