The Law of Ukraine

On Promotion of Social Formation and Development of Ukrainian Youth

Date of Entry into Force:
March 3, 1993

The Law was stated in a new wording on March 23, 2000.

This Law defines general principles of organizational, social economic, political and legal conditions of social formation and development of young Ukrainian citizens for the sake of personality, society and state, as well as basic directions of carrying out state youth policy concerning youth social formation and development.

According to the Law, youth is the Ukrainian citizens from 14 to 35 years old. Young family is a married couple where husband and wife' age does not exceed 35 years old, or a one-parent family where a mother (a father) is under 35 years old.

Article 4 of the Law determines competence of bodies of executive power and local self-government in the sphere of youth social formation and development.

Measures concerning youth social formation and development shall be financed form state and local budgets, other sources which are not prohibited by the legislation.

The state ensures granting the first job to the capable youth for the term of not less than two years after graduating or stopping studies in the secondary educational, vocational and higher educational establishments, finishing professional training and retraining. The quota of jobs for youth is determined by the local bodies of executive power, bodies of local self-government. In case of refusal to employ young citizens within the limits of the set quota, penalty is imposed on the enterprises, establishments and organizations in amount of fifty minimum personal tax-free incomes for each refusal.

According to Article 8 of the Law the state promotes creation of youth business centers, business incubators for implementation of the program on preparation of youth to entrepreneurial activity, provision of informational and consultation services.

Young families and young citizens may receive at the expense of budget funds privileged long-term state credits for houses and flats building and acquisition. Such credits shall be given from the budget funds.

The Law also ensures guarantees concerning:
  • education, youth cultural development;
  • youth health protection;
  • youth legal protection;
  • legal status of youth public organizations.
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