The Law of Ukraine

On the Permit System in the Field of Economic Activity

Date of Entry into Force:
January 5, 2006

This Law determines legal and organizational principles for functioning of the permit system in the field of economic activity. It sets the procedure for activity of permit-issuing bodies authorized to issue permit documents, as well as administrators.

The Law applies to permit bodies, administrators, authorized body and subjects of economic activity that intend to carry out economic activity. However the Law shall not apply to:
  • the relations in the field of licensing economic activity, protection of economic competition;
  • permit system that applies to operations with weapon, ammunition, explosive materials and substances, strong poison substances;
  • permit activity in the field of using nuclear power.

Exclusively the laws establish:
  • the need of receiving permit document;
  • the permit body authorized to issue permit document;
  • whether issue of permit document is paid or free;
  • the term of adopting decision on issue or refusal to issue permit document;
  • the exact list of reasons for refusal of issue and cancellation permit document.

However, the procedure for issuing permit documents by the central bodies of executive power is set by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

In cities, districts and districts of cities in Kyiv and Sevastopol operates the administrator who ensures cooperation of local permit bodies as regards to the issue of permit documents. The Law sets the list of requirements that the administrator shall meet.

The administrator keeps the register of permit documents. The information that is in the register is public, but payment is levied for its use.

To get the permit documents the subject of economic activity shall submit the application to the administrator. The application form is approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The Law determines the list of documents that supplement the application:
  • copy of certificate on state registration of the subject of economic activity;
  • documents proving payment for the issue of permit document;
  • documents envisaged by the legislation that are necessary for the issue of permit document.

It is prohibited to demand from the person applying for the receipt of permit document the documents that are not envisaged by the legislation.

Copies of the application and documents submitted by the subject of economic activity are given by the administrator to the respective local permit bodies. The local permit bodies adopt the decision on issue or refusal to issue the permit document. Thereafter respective documents are given to the administrator. After the receipt of permit document the administrator notifies the applicant of the place and time of issue of the permit document.

The administrator and permit bodies ensure free consulting on the issues of receiving respective documents upon the request of subject of economic activity.

The permit bodies ensure promulgation and free access of subjects of economic activity to the necessary information for carrying out economic activity.

The local permit bodies place on the web pages the information necessary for carrying out economic activity, in particular, about the list of real estate objects that require reconstruction, the list of buildings, premises, land plots that are leased or may be leased.
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