The Law of Ukraine

On Status of People's Deputy of Ukraine

Date of Entry into Force:
December 23, 1992

The Law of Ukraine On Status of People's Deputy of Ukraine determines status (rights, duties and responsibility) of the people's deputy of Ukraine in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and beyond its bounds, as well as sets legal and social guarantees of performing by the people's deputy his/her deputy authorities.

It is established that a people's deputy is a representative of the Ukrainian people in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine elected according to the Law of Ukraine On Election of People's Deputies in Ukraine who is authorized by them to perform the authorities stipulated by the Constitution of Ukraine and the laws of Ukraine during the term of deputies' authorities. According to the Law, a people's deputy does not have the right to be a member of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine or a head of central body of executive power, to occupy elective post in the local self-government bodies, as well as to do any other paid job, except educational or scientific.

The Law sets complete list of the grounds of pre-term termination of Ukrainian people's deputy authorities. Deputy's mandate shall be recalled in case of personal written application on resignation of deputy's authorities, entry into effect of bill of indictment concerning people's deputy, his/her recognition by court as incapable or missing, stopping of his/her citizenship or his/her departure for permanent residence outside Ukraine, death of a people's deputy, as well as in case if s/he is involved in the activity incompatible with the status of Ukrainian people's deputy.

The Law determines that a people's deputy has the right to decisive vote as regards to all issues considered at the sessions of the Verkhovna Rada and its bodies to which s/he is elected. At the same time, s/he shall not vote for each separate decision more than one time. S/he shall not bear legal responsibility for the voting results and the expressed point of view except for the cases of offence and slander. The Law entitles the people's deputies to legislative initiative which may be exercised by them through submission to the Verkhovna Rada of draft laws, resolutions and other normative documents.

Also, according to the Law people's deputies enjoy the right to apply to bodies of executive and judicial power or to bodies of local self-government, as well as to enterprises, institutions and organizations or their authorized persons with deputies' applications and interpellations which shall be obligatory considered during the term set by law. Deputies' interpellation shall be announced at the session of the Verkhovna Rada and directed to the respective body or official with the requirement to give official answer on the questions concerned within the limits of his/her authority. Deputy's application, according to the Law, is a written people's deputy address, presented to bodies of state power and bodies of local self-government, their officials, heads of enterprises, institutions and organizations, as well as associations of citizens to perform certain actions and give official explanation or state point of view on the questions connected with their activities.

Besides, the Law provides for the right to speak without restriction in mass media with the materials that show people's deputy activity or explain his/her point of view on some issues.
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