The Law of Ukraine

On Associations of Citizens

Date of Entry into Force:
July 18, 1992

The Law of Ukraine On Associations of Citizens regulates the procedure of exercise of citizens' constitutional right to free association. It is established that the state facilitates development of political and public activities, of citizens' creative potential and sets equal conditions for activity of their associations.

The Law states that association of citizens is a voluntary public formation created on the basis of unity of interests for joint exercise by the citizens of their rights and freedoms. According to the Law, associations of citizens may be created in the form of political party or in the form of public organization. It is established that political party is association of citizens - supporters of some national program of social development whose main goal is to participate in elaboration of sate policy, formation of authorities, local and territorial self-government and representation to their bodies. Public organization is association of people who act in coordination for satisfaction and protection of their legal social, economic, creative, age, national cultural, sports and other common interests.

According to the Law, it is prohibited for the citizens to unite with the aim to change by violence constitutional system and territorial integrity of the state; to undermine state security performing activity in favor of foreign states; to propagandize war, violence or cruelty; to stir up national and religious enmity; to limit universally recognized rights of a man.

Associations of citizens shall have the right to voluntarily found or join unions with each other, establish blocs and coalitions, conclude with each other co-operation and mutual aid agreements.

According to the Law, political party may be established by the persons over 18 years old. Age of members of public youth organizations shall be determined by their statutes. It is stipulated that association of citizens shall be obligatory legalized through announcement about establishment or registration by bodies of state power. Without this announcement activity of public formation shall be considered illegal.

It may be refused to register association of citizens, if its name, statute or other documents presented for registration of association run counter with requirements of the legislation of Ukraine.

In order to fulfill the purposes and tasks determined in the statutory documents the registered associations of citizens have rights to: be participant of civil legal relations, acquire property and non-property rights; represent and protect their legal interests in state bodies; take part in political activity; establish enterprises, institutions and organizations; distribute information and propagandize their ideas etc.
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