The Law of Ukraine

On General Military Duty and Military Service

Date of Entry into Force:
May 12, 1992

Norms of the Law of Ukraine On General Military Duty and Military Service legally regulate public relations concerning general military duty and military service in order to ensure realization by the Ukrainian citizens of the constitutional duty regarding defense of Motherland. General military duty may be replaced by the alternative (non-military) service. General military duty shall not apply to foreigners and stateless persons who stay on the territory of Ukraine.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine, the  State Frontier Service of Ukraine, the Civil Defense Troops of Ukraine and other military formations shall be staffed by military personnel through military commissariats by means of:
  • call-up of citizens to military service on the basis of general military duty;
  • taking citizens to military service by contract.

Military rank shall be conferred to each military man and person subject to call-up. Military uniform and badges of rank shall be set for military personnel. Military men and persons subject to call-up shall be recorded at the place of their residence.

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine shall be appointed by the president of Ukraine upon submission of the Prime-Minister of Ukraine and authorities of the Minister shall be terminated on the President's initiative.

On the basis of the President's Decree to military service for a fixed period shall be called fit for it by health condition and age male citizens, who are 18 years old until the day of sending to the military unit. The Decree of Ukrainian President shall be published in mass media not later than a month before the call-up starts. Female citizens in peaceful time may do military service voluntary on contractual basis. For military service evasion a citizen shall bear responsibility in compliance with the Law.

The following citizens of Ukraine shall be freed from call-up:
  • conscripts who for the day of sending to military service for a fixed period are 25 years old;
  • reserve officers who are over 30 years old for doing military service on the posts of officers' staff.

The Law regulates peculiarities of contractual military service and sets age limit for doing military service.

There are educational and special periodical trainings for the persons subject to call-up who are in reserve. Time and terms of educational periodical trainings of persons subject to call-up shall be determined by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine. Total term of periodical trainings during being in reserve shall not exceed 10 months.

Military personnel shall be discharged from military service to reserve and retirement.

Decision about general or partial mobilization and introduction of martial law in Ukraine or in its separate palaces, shall be made by the President of Ukraine in case of threat of attack or danger to state independence of Ukraine. During mobilization, to military service shall be called the citizens in reserve who are not freed from mobilization according to the set procedure. Order and terms of discharge due to mobilization shall be determined by the Decree of the President of Ukraine.

Financial and material provision of measures connected with doing general military duty shall be performed at the expense of the State Budget of Ukraine.
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