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The Law of Ukraine

On Social Protection of War-Affected Children

Date of Entry into Force:
January 1, 2006

The Law of Ukraine “On Social Protection of War-Affected Children” (hereinafter referred to as “the Law”) sets legal status of war-affected children, defines the principles of their social protection and guarantees their social security by granting privileges and state social support.

A war-affected child is a person who is the citizen of Ukraine and who for the time of end (September 2, 1945) of the Second World War was under 18 years old.

State social guarantee is a minimum amount of state social aid set by the legislation, as well as privileges for provision of social support to the war-affected children.

State social guarantees to war-affected children that are set by this Law shall not be limited or canceled by other normative legal acts. Bodies of local self-government, natural persons and legal entities have the right to set additional guarantees of social protection of war-affected children at the expense of own money and charitable receipts.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine works out and includes into the national programs respective provisions regarding social protection of war-affected children and executes control over their fulfillment. Provisions on social protection of war-affected children shall be reflected in the activity programs of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, which are approved by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The amounts of one-time monetary aid are exempted form personal income tax.

The following privileges are granted to the war-affected children:
- the right to priority stay at work in the event of reduction of quantity or staff of the employees;
- use of scheduled holiday at suitable for them time; receipt of additional holiday without saving salary for the term up to two weeks per year;
- payment of temporary disability aid in the amount of 100 per cent of annual salary regardless of the seniority;
- top-priority allotment of land plots for individual house building, gardening and trucking;
- free of charge travel by all kinds of city passenger transport, motor vehicle transport of general use in the countryside, railway and water suburban transport and suburban buses within oblast (the Autonomous Republic of Crimea) at the place of residence;
- the right to 25% discount in payment for communal services (gas, electricity, etc.) within the limits of average consumption norms.

For the war-affected children pensions, monthly lifelong monetary support or state social aid that is paid instead of pension shall be increased by 30 per cent of minimum old age pension.

The state social guarantees are provided at the expense of funds of the State Budget of Ukraine.