The Law of Ukraine

On Collective Agricultural Enterprise

Date of Entry into Force:
March 1, 1992

The Law of Ukraine On Collective Agricultural Enterprise determines legal, economic, social and organizational conditions of collective agricultural enterprise activity.

Collective agricultural enterprise, hereinafter CAE, shall be created voluntarily on wish of citizens at their general meeting. CAE is a voluntary union of citizens in independent enterprise (legal entity) for manufacturing of common agricultural products and goods. Its activity shall be based on the principles of entrepreneurship and self-government. Relations of CAE with other subjects of economic activity shall be grounded on contractual basis.

Members of the above enterprise may be Ukrainian citizens who are 16 years old. Management of CAE shall be carried out by the general meeting of enterprise members (the highest self -government body), by bodies of representatives or created by them enterprise managing body which performs separate functions on collective property economic management.

The enterprise shall determine forms, systems and amounts of labor payment of its members and other employees working by labor agreement or contract on its own.

Property of the enterprise shall belong to its members on the right of joint share ownership and consists of: land, basic and turnover means of production, its members' monetary and property contributions, of manufactured products, profit and acquired property.

Legal successors of CAE (during reorganization) shall give the owned pais to its members or their heirs for account of the property which was referred to enterprise pai fund for the date of its reorganization and transferred to balance of its legal successors.

Objects of social sphere, accommodation fund (also unfinished building) as well as internal economic enterprise melioration systems, which were not subject to pai in the process of these enterprises reorganization and their transfer to balance of legal successors shall be transferred to communal ownership free of charge. The transmission shall be conducted in the procedure set by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Liquidation of enterprise shall be carried out by the liquidation commission which shall be created by the meeting of enterprise members or on court decision (in case of CAE bankruptcy).
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