The Law of Ukraine

On Scientific and Scientific Technical Activities

Date of Entry into Force:
March 24, 1992

This Law defines legal, organizational and financial principles of functioning of the system of measures directed at creation of conditions for scientific and scientific technical activities and ensuring needs of society and state in technological development.

Scientific technical activity is defined by the Law as intellectual creative activity directed at getting and use of new knowledge in all spheres of technique and technology. The main tasks of the Law are definition of legal status of subjects of scientific and scientific technical activity, material and moral stimuli ensuring prestige and priority of this sphere of people's activity, attraction to it of intellectual potential of nation.

The Law refers to subjects of scientific technical activity scientists, scientific and scientific pedagogical personnel as well as scientific establishments, higher educational establishments and public organizations that perform scientific and scientific technical activities.

The Law also defines conditions and procedure of providing state support to scientific institutions which activity is significant for life of society. Therefore, the Law provides for creation of state register of scientific establishments that consists of scientific establishments and organizations which shall be supported by state under decision of the authorized state body.

It is noted in the Law that National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and branch academies of sciences - Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine, and Academy of Arts of Ukraine are state scientific organizations which are based on state ownership. According to the Law the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is the highest scientific organization in the state which organizes and performs fundamental and applied researches on the most vital problems of natural, technical and humanitarian sciences and coordinates accomplishment of fundamental researches in scientific establishments and organizations.

The Law defines classification of posts of scientific personnel and academic degrees, procedure of their occupation and legal status of persons that occupy them. Besides the Law has provisions devoted to peculiarities of pension and social provision of scientists, procedure of determination of pensions, conditions of their setting and other.

The Law also regulates relations in the sphere of state management of scientific technical activity, sets authorities of central bodies of state power concerning subjects of this activity and defines principles, forms and methods of state regulation of the above relations.

The Law provides for the creation of state fund for fundamental researches with the purpose of financial support of fundamental scientific researches in the sphere of natural, technical and humanitarian sciences.
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