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The Law of Ukraine

On Ratification of the Treaty between Ukraine and the United States of America on Cooperation in Exploring and Peaceful Use of Outer Space

Date of Entry into Force:
May 19, 1996

The Law Ratifies the Treaty between Ukraine and the United States of America on Cooperation in Exploring and Peaceful Use of Outer Space. The Treaty was signed in Washington on November 22, 1994.

The Treaty was concluded between two Contracting Parties with the purpose of expanding cooperation between two states in outer space researches and technologies for development of both states.

The Parties shall cooperate peacefully in the fields of exploring outer space, as well as life thereof and use of this knowledge in Earth studies.

With the purpose of development and conducting cooperation the Parties shall designate the National Space Agency from Ukraine and the National Aeronautics and Space Agency from the United States of America as their chief executive bodies.

Each cooperation project shall be the subject to special written agreement between the designated executive bodies. In the event of achieving scientific data in the process of scientific cooperation the Parties shall ensure free access to such data on the basis of free exchange of information as stipulated by the respective written agreements.

This Treaty shall not prevent cooperation of each Party with other states and international organizations.

The Parties have agreed that activity pursuant to this Treaty shall be carried out in such a way that to ensure adequate and efficient protection of intellectual property.

The Parties will facilitate entry into and departure from their territories of personnel, as well as bringing in and out the equipment necessary for implementation of this Agreement in compliance with their rules and legislation. Within the limits determined by their rules and legislation the Parties shall endeavor to provide free of charge customs admission during bringing in or out of their states the equipment necessary for implementation of this Agreement.

The Treaty shall come into force from the day when the American Party receives diplomatic note that the Ukrainian Party has accomplished all necessary inter-state procedures regarding ratification of this text. The Treaty shall be valid for five years and may be prolonged for the next five-year term by exchange of diplomatic notes.

The integral part of the Treaty shall be the Annex thereto which covers the issues related to use and protection of intellectual property obtained due to implementation of this Treaty.