Law of Ukraine

On Taxation System

Date of Entry into Force:
October 1, 1991

This Law outlines fundamental provisions of Ukraine's taxation policy, principles for formation taxation system, as well as objectives thereof; procedures for introduction and abolishment of taxes and fees (mandatory payments); defines taxpayers and procedure of their registration, specifies procedure for payment of taxes and fees to the budgets and state purpose funds. The Law specifies duties, rights and responsibilities of taxpayers.

This Law defines types of taxes and fees (mandatory payments) and procedure for their payment to state purpose funds. In keeping with this Law state and local taxes and fees (mandatory payments) shall be collected on the territory of Ukraine. State taxes and fees shall be established by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and shall be collected on the entire territory of Ukraine. Local taxes and fees, mechanism for their collection and the payment procedure shall be established by village, township, city/town Radas. All together there are 25 state taxes and fees and 14 local ones.

This Law provides for a special mechanism to avoid double taxation, and specifies bodies authorized to control correct collection of taxes and fees as well as timeliness thereof.
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