The Law of Ukraine

On Vocational Education

Date of Entry into Force:
March 10, 1998

This Law defines legal, organizational and financial principles of functioning and development of the system of vocational education, creation of conditions for professional self-fulfillment of personality and ensuring of necessities of society and state in qualified employees. The task of the Law is regulation of public relations in the field of vocational education.

Vocational education is a constituent of the educational system of Ukraine and shall be got in vocational educational establishments. Vocational education ensures getting by the citizens of profession corresponding to their abilities, interests and skills, as well as pre-profession training, retraining and raise of skills. Vocational education may include natural mathematic, humanitarian, physical, general technical, as well as professional theoretical or professional practical training.

Organization and provision of educational process of students and hearers is carried out by teachers, educational specialists on vocational training, mentors, skilled workmen of production education, senior skilled workmen, senior skilled workmen of production education, instructors of production education, methodologist, practical psychologists, social educational specialists, instructors on physical education, heads of vocational educational, scientific methodical and educational methodical establishments, their deputies and other employees whose activity is related to organization and provision of educational process.

Attendance of classes by the students and hearers of vocational educational establishments is compulsory. Distracting of students or hearers from educational process shall be prohibited, excerpt cases stipulated by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Foreigners and stateless persons shall be entitled to obtain vocational education in Ukraine equally with the Ukrainian citizens.

Natural persons shall have equal rights to get vocational education in correspondence with their abilities and skills. Restrictions on getting vocational education shall be:
  • medical indices;
  • age;
  • professional aptitude.

The Law contains the list of types of vocational educational establishments in Ukraine:
  • vocational specialized school;
  • social rehabilitation vocational school;
  • higher vocational  school;
  • vocational lyceum and others.

Founders of vocational educational establishments may be:
  • central and local bodies of executive power;
  • enterprises, institutions, organizations and their associations regardless of ownership form and subordination;
  • citizens of Ukraine.
Vocational educational establishments, education management bodies, founders shall carry out current, subject, intermediate and outgoing control of knowledge, skills and experience of students and hearers, their qualification attestation.

Vocational educational establishments shall elaborate working educational plans and working educational programs on the basis of standard educational plans and standard educational programs. Elaborated plans and programs shall be agreed with the people who order skilled workers and approved by the specially authorized central body of executive power in the field of vocational education.

A graduate of vocational educational establishment shall receive diploma with indication of educational qualification level.

Norms of the Law contain the rights which shall have students and hearers of vocational educational establishment. To their list refer:
  • proper training for the chosen profession;
  • teaching profession by individual program;
  • free of charge use of educational and production, cultural and sports, everyday, health improving facilities of the educational establishment;
  • material aid;
  • wage during production education and practice according to the legislation;
  • free of charge medical care;
  • weekly rest and holidays during academic year and after its end;
  • free of charge training for another profession in case of disease, which does not allow to continue training for the chosen profession;
  • privileged fare.

Vocational training of employees, social protection of students, hearers and teaching staff shall be financed from the State Budget of Ukraine (state vocational educational establishments), as well as from other sources of financing (non-state vocational educational establishments).
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